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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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big dreams on the big story in. the magazine on the w. . this is the end of the news live from berlin e.u. leaders have endorsed a brants a deal at a special summit in brussels. to bring the best of course you could for europe. you see only course. european commission president sean kohut young said it was a bad day for the european union. british prime minister to be so may says she doesn't share that sadness and is calling one had country to move on may now faces the challenge of pushing the deal through her own parliament the
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opposition labor party has already said it will vote against it. i'm a dick you money welcome to the program the european union has officially agreed on a divorce deal for britain's departure from the block it took the heads of the e.u. is twenty seven of the nation's just an hour special summit in brussels it will fishel said they were sad that the u.k.'s withdrawal but stressed the bloc in britain would remain partners and friends u.k. is a prime minister to resume a britain's to support the deal but it won't be plain sailing bridge is a position labor parties say they will vote against the deal when it's put to parliament in just over two weeks time. she still has a seat at the table british prime minister made today in brussels but after two and a half years of arduous negotiations the u.
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leaders have inched closer to britain's final departure many openly expressed their regret. thought you had this upward motion just a country leaving the e.u. does not make me want to raise from pain glass or applaud it's a sad day and everybody who i spoke with today expressed this sadness it was unanimously shared we don't need. a relief nevertheless for terrorism a with facing ever stronger headwinds at home the nearly six hundred pages long withdrawal agreement couples citizens' rights the forty four billion euro divorce bill and the irish border issue it also sets out the basis of the future relationship i recognise some european leaders also out at this moment but also some people back home in the u.k. will be out at this at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism
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about the future of our country may now has to seek parliamentarian approval at home which will be much more difficult amidst division even among her own party and e.u. leaders today made clear there will be no renegotiation of the agreement this is a song and dance is an accomplished diplomatic feat i want to emphasize that this is an extremely difficult situation a situation without any precedent because we haven't had it before the european country lose the e.u. also they say cream at night considers the interests of both sides and also looks into the future and also pick a new to come from. for theresa may the brics the drama continues in early december that's when the u.k. parliament is expected to vote on the deal but even if it's ratified that is only the beginning of many months possibly years of negotiations on the future relationship between britain and the e.u.
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. as being indeed correspondent who is in london for us so back at terrorism a does not share the sadness of other e.u. leaders does this mean then that she is experiencing relief. really would maybe be a little bit too far i mean it's one stop on the way towards president's reason may have said time and again that she is determined to deliver bricks and so she has to be sort of in the face of adversity because it really doesn't and the british government really knows that the bigger hurdle is here at home is in paul them and you have mentioned it already labor has said they don't want to vote for the deal to resume a zone policy there are many that believe this is a bad deal and they really adamant to stop it so this future reason may really doesn't which is the cliff edge and the veni is in britain really fear that britain will leave with no deal this is something that she still has to feel and she has to
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work hard in order to prevent it and how does she do that because e.u. leaders have sent a warning to u.k. politicians that there will be no better off well and yet there are many here in the u.k. who seem to think all maybe pretend that there might be a better offer so for example the opposition leader. is saying well if i had negotiated i was able to renegotiate for the u.k. i would be able to get a better deal he says there is something like a jobs first brags that and he thinks that if britain is in the customs union and much closer access to the single market he says he can deliver that as labor leader now we have heard from the e.u. that it's very unlikely and still here at home many think that she hasn't gotten the most out of out of the e.u. so yes a lot of adversity and a lot of differing opinion here in the u.k.
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when it comes to this. so bear get what i mean chances of pushing this deal through the u.k. parliament. reason may has a very very thin majority in parliament she is in government because the d u p the northern irish protestant person party is propping her up they have just had a party conference and they said they will not vote and then there are over eighty m.p.'s suggested that. part of the conservative party not going to vote with her so she can has one drug called which is the no deal gregg said which is sort of the cliff edge scenario at the end of march that britain will question without anything and this is the trump card where she hopes that she can reign people and she also is now trying to speak directly to the british public she wants to convince the public who then she hopes will convince the m.p.'s to vote with. but it's still
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a long road ahead and she doesn't have much time. reporting from london thank you. earlier we spoke to political advisor john worth and started by asking what happens next. it's the first stage is going to be the so-called meaningful vote in parliament this is when to resume a bring so deal in front of the lawmakers and ask ok do back this it's scheduled for eleventh of december so two and a half weeks from now and the chances are she want to manage to get that vote through parliament what happens then is very much open why would the conservative party try to oust her as prime minister because with such a setback could it be possible for her to continue all will the members of the house decide some other route to potentially calling for a second referendum whether britain could stay in the european union or possibly a general election which is what the opposition labor party would want so all kinds of options are open if as it looks likely that vote would fail on the eleventh of
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december and what would be the situation if they would step down for example if a snap election was called so it may want to step down someone else would then come in from the conservative party but without doesn't have any better chance of succeeding when they had failed because if that person were a bricks it hardline or someone like michael gove for example he would not gain the support of the pragmatists that there are within the conservative party conversely if it were a pragmatist like the finance minister for example he would have a difficulty keeping the brakes it's hard liners content so ultimately although to reason may is not very well supported she hasn't she total and he's very much in the middle of the conservative party she's she's equally disliked by both sides if you like so replacing to resume is a leader might appeal to the conservative party politicians in the short term but it's not going to solve anything in the medium term the referendum is a very risky option but for different reasons so without actually might the conservative party might save themselves but the last referendum was
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a very very tense it was bad tempered and indeed it didn't get to the heart of the matter didn't get to the truth about bracks it wouldn't be any different to another time around and there's also the problem of timing because if you're to hold a referendum when would you hold it and could you even hold it by march which is when britain is due to leave the e.u. . it's probably highly unlikely that you could do it in such a short time frame so if you wanted a referendum the u.k. would have to go to brussels and say we need a bit more time so we can hold a referendum would you give us that extra time brussels as you we've heard on the reports today brussels essentially had enough with the u.k. at the moment says ok we've given you a deal now can you just please take a decision but it looks like britain is not ready or is not capable of taking a decision so at the moment today looks calm looks reasonable to resume a press conference said it was impossible if people said it was impossible to strike a deal between the u.k. and the e.u. the e.u. side has been delivered today the u.k. side we still don't know what is going to happen all of these options are still
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open so is there a possible scenario that britain remains in the e.u. yes yes absolutely it is quite possible because what may happen is one of the roots is the break the vote fails on the eleventh of december everyone says hi on a minute what can we do here parliament is blocked so opposition members of parliament no to be from the labor party would then put forward the suggestion that you should hold a second referendum now no one really likes the second referendum but it might be considered as the only way forward and with such a referendum then of course remain would have to be on the ballot paper and if you look at the opinion polls at the moment there's been a shift towards remaining british public opinion something like fifty five percent of the population say actually staying in the european union would be would be a better option so britain staying it's a hard route to get there but it is possible well throwing another spanner in the works john worth a political advisor thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world this voters have clearly been checked at
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a proposal to give the country's laws priority over international law in a national referendum projections show almost two thirds opposed the initiative backed by the right wing swiss people's party critics claimed the measure would have damaged the global standing. and hurt its economy. russia says it has launched airstrikes on syrian rebels it accuses of carrying out a suspected poison gas attack on the government tell city of aleppo more than one hundred people were affected by the poison on saturday doctors say patients are suffering from breathing problems and blurred vision rebel groups have denied using poison gas. twenty nine people have been confirmed dead after a boat sank on lake victoria in uganda dozens more feared drowned the vessel carrying revelers cup sized on saturday and police say overloading and bad weather were likely to blame. today is the un's international day for the
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elimination of violence against women here in germany a woman is abused beaten or threatened every five minutes in her own home the rate of domestic abuse has risen continually in recent years and last year around one hundred fourteen thousand women were victims of violence by a partner or ex partner that number is only a fraction of the real violence that goes on behind closed doors according to the minister of families a staggering eighty percent of cases reported. across europe thousands have been taking to the streets to protest against gender based violence including in rome. in the final formula one race of the season world champion lewis hamilton of my seat is has taken the checkered flag in abu dabi in
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a dramatic crease germany's. landed upside down after crash while fernando alonso was eleventh in his last f one appearance hamilton's victory was his eleventh of the campaign and he had already sealed his fifth well title last month and here now is how the final driver standings look behind overall winner hamilton and sebastian vettel third place goes to kenya reichen and max fish have been ended up fourth with faltering boaters fifth. south america's biggest soccer final featuring argentine powerhouses river plate and boca juniors has been postponed until later this evening because of fan violence the bitter rivalry between the two sides dates back to the early one nine hundred seven saturday river plate fans attacked the team bus of boca juniors ahead of the second leg for forcing the postponement. these attacks by river fans on the bokeh bus ahead of the deciding match in the copa libertadores spinal have been called shameful by both club
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presidents river fades forced to leave the stadium after the match was postponed we're on the same page. not always that it's a complete embarrassment the sad thing is that the vast majority of people came to enjoy this game peacefully with their families and children. but because of three hundred misfits it's always the same people soccer has been hurt that's the situation where in a. town that went down having already agreed to ban away fans from both matches earlier this month the clubs felt that precaution would be enough to prevent an outbreak of violence but they miscalculated police on the scene used tear gas to disperse the crowd but the gas entered the bus through broken windows leaving several boca players in need of medical assistance the boca juniors bus a visually left with a police escort this highly anticipated copa libertadores final between two of argentina's most successful clubs has been rescheduled for sunday however the
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chaotic build up has left a black eye on the sport with possible repercussions to follow. election day having his life from ban and more coming at the top of the hour thank you for watching. closely. carefully.


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